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Афоризмы и прочие мысли в слух

On music:

Words allow to describe an emotion. Music allows to feel it.
Life has a materialist and a spiritual component (which like yin and yan unite to make a holistic full-bodied life). Science provides means to describe the former, while art, and music in particular, to describe the latter.

On creativity in general

We forgive those who inspire us [from Famous]
Creative people are creative in everythingOn science

Science is music to my ears

Science and music is everywhere. Just look at the stars (sky).
When it's real, you know it! Whether it's a feeling (like love), music (like an original song) or a contribution to science and technology...

On language

What I'm hearing from you tells me about two things: something about the subject you're telling me about, and ... something about you.
Dont put too much weight in somebody's words. They are just rudimentary tools to express such a complex thing as a thought or a feeling.

On living and working with others:

Go where you are welcome. (But) Believe you are welcomed everywhere.
It takes two lines of thoughts (argument) to get to a point (From axioms of geometry to rules of life)
Defining the problem is half the way to resolving it... sometimes the easier half, but sometimes the harder one.
Sometimes you can do two (more) things easier (better) than doing any of them by itself.
Thirty minutes is a lot to make a different for your day. -
Sometimes a minute can save an hour (and an hour saves a day or even month). But beware of hours that fly as minutes.
Sick person and healthy person are two very different persons... even if it is the same person

On meaning of life:

Whatever happens, happens for better" my mother used to say. Now I know why - if you always do what your heart is telling you, you can only become better, and will the world.
Humans are so powerful. Humans are so fragile. If only they can focus on leveraging each other's strengths and not on exploiting each other's weakness, what a great world we would be living it...
Find the hidden talent in oneself and make it serve the humankind and the planet

Miscellaneous - in poetry (in Russian)
Знаешь что, товарищь // я тебе скажу - // если уж не шаришь, // так хоть меньше жуй...
Да, не густо.... // Но, не пусто!
Сколько людей - столько идей...

он идет со своей жизненной позицией
 и никуда не свернет, он любит так гордится ей

не было с тобой тоски мне 
солнце освещало пусть нам 
жизнь была такой прекрасной но 
солнце исчезло, ты убежала, жизнь стала несносной