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Piano tuning

The first pianos I tuned and also repaired were in Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT).  There were pianos in several auditoriums, where we had our lectures on high algebra and theoretical physics, very old, must have been put there when the institute was built in 50ies and not fixed apparently since then. There was a great friend of mine Konstantin Petrov  from Vladivostok who, like me, was as a big a fan of  playing soccer (ох эти Матчи Века между ФУПМ и ФОПФ, где мы играли!..) as playing Beatles and Rolling Stones, and he could not see those piano just sitting there untuned and broken. My dad had a tuning hammer, which he made himself for our piano at home in Kiev, so here how it all started.

Since then I tuned pianos in Moscow, Snt-Petersburg, Kiev, Lviv, Kherson, Chernovtsy, Kharhov, Odessa, Edmonton, and more recently in Ottawa, including two pianos for the school of my daughters, Trilles Des Bois and over a dozen for our waldorf community parents.

I'm happy to do that. This is not only the great way of raising money for a good cause. It is also establishing that special bond with community and ... the piano, for each piano is like a planet... or a person, unique, beautiful and needs care, which I'm so glad to be able to offer.

My rate is $50 first half hour, 30$ each half hour after that, of which half would be always given to a charity or special event, like sending school children to Upper Canada Village (see photos!).