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Stories behind the pictures on the website

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Photo - Upper duck island, Ottawa, 2012. A tiny canoe on middle right - that's Dmitry with his three daughters (see below in progression, taken by Alexandra.)
Overlaid notes - the last line from First Day of Love: "Is it dream, paradise, or is it what I can see with my open heart, and my eyes?"

Frontpage picture

Photo - Chersonesus, Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine, 2000. The picture was taken when Alexandra and Dmitry not married yet wild-hiked all over Crimea peninsula with their friends (more photos from those hikes are here. It was such a peaceful land back then...

Overlaid stars - the most geometrically beautiful constellation in the Universe: equilateral triangle who's  median intersection is as if pined on the extension of Big Dipper handle, with a few other nice constelation visible from both Canada and Ukraine.

This picture was created as a cover for the album "Because you never know" - Part 1 (Canadian) dedicated to my wife when I proposed to her. Part 2 (Canadian) showed Alexandra in the rays of the rising sun shot during the same wild tent stay on a Sevastopol beach.