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Feeling Sky

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Feeling Sky

Other titles: Life is Beautiful, On a philosophical note,
"Blues of Sky , Sky is Blues"  - About life, in minor, in English

Music and lyrics: Dmitry Gorodnichy

Recorded at the University of Alberta in 1999, with participation from Jony Gill, Enrique Garcia and Andre Gorodnichy.

(с) Dmitry Gorodnichy 1993-1999
 Recording 1999 

1. Gm 


Fm Cm 

Refr.1: Bb Cm 

Bb Eb D 

Cm Bb Fm 



(*) Gm Cm 

Gm Cm 


I Want Blues Tonight

I want Blues tonight
I want You tonight
I want You
to take me with You away

Diving in the deep
Floating by Your side
I get far away
from these boring days

Oh, I have never ever felt like now
and I can never forget the trembling feeling I had
and I never forget this time
as You're holding my heart in Your hands like a crumb
I want Blues tonight...

I want Blues tonight
I want You tonight
You're the only one who can touch my mind
Penetrate in skin
like a drug drops in
You're my shelter's roof,
you're the peace of mine

Oh, I can hardly ever feel like now
I will never forget the trembling feeling I had
I will never forget this time
as You're holding my heart in Your hands like a crumb
I want Blues tonight...

Guitar solo.

Refr. 2.
(*) You're a bird in my hand!
You're the one who can me understand!
You're my heroine!..

Verse 1
I want Blues toni-i-ight


Play: on piano ,MIDIScores in pdf 

To This World That Makes Me Cry 

(After 2000 this song is dedicated to the memory of Gia Gongadze) 

I'm a king and you're a queen of our land 
And now I find that all the words are so sad – 
I can hear the whispering wind 
You can fly with open wings 
Both of us have feelings deep and high 

And the only thing that makes me blue 

is that of my own deep inside 
exhausting me down when I look 
to the world that makes me cry 

But I hope someday my dreams come true 

like those we had tonight 
and robins will sing with us 
and everyone will fly 

And we keep on flying out /
day by day 

And now we're far from mortal ground /
we're far away 

Like the angels in the sky 
Birds and rainbow, wind and I 
are accompanying you on your way 

And again I had a thought of blue 
inside my trembling heart, o-oh -- 
It can’t be so nice till 
if mud and dirt are still lying 
Oh, is it indeed the life is cruel 
will never be like ours 
when robins are singing loud and 
everybody flies. 

March 1992, Refrain: April 1994 

My friend is ill

My friend is ill 
Eyes are wet with crying 
heart's aching all the time 
shivers deep inside my mind 

How can I tell you how much I feel 
How can I say the whole world is real 
that all this sky of blue 
and all this grass of green 
when my friend is ill 

Night follows day 
Full with grief and pain 
All the curtains are pulled down - 
I cannot see sun shining now 

Sun that warmed up so many many hearts 
now seems to be deriding us 
innocent in joy 
ignorant of plight 
and I turn off the light 

Coda 1: 
Night follows day 
Full with grief and pain 
And you fill down 
But I'll be around 

Coda 2: 
Day follows night 
Full with grief and plight 
And you're feeling bad 
I'll be with you my friend 

Oh o-o-oo ooh ...
Autoplay: on piano Also: a take  (noty dlq pianino) 

A Whit of Hope 

A whit of hope is in my head 
to chance to come to unforgotten land 
I know that I 'll be a stranger there 
And my naive dreams will disappear 

But there's the sorrow 
there's a pain 
that frets my soul 
every day 
that once I lived there 
once I loved there 
that once I thought I never would forget that place. 

April 1994, Kiev. 



When ... a farewell tear ... 
Covers with a sad mist our goodbyes,
Be able to forgive me things you'll hear,
'Cause very likely it's the last time you look in my eyes.

Only through the haze of rushing days
You will be able to recall my name.
But, oh, this haze - it's getting thicker, I should say,
With every, every, every single day.

R:     Departure - is a tearing of the life!
       It is so gloomy, dumb, inevitable it is!
       But we did know about it, you and I,
       as we have had and lost some our friends before this.

And there's no need to find the words, no need,
For they are helpless. -  You just listen by yourself
How fallen leaves are rustling on your feet.
As they are mutely echoing to us:
`It's just the way the life is'
(`C'est la vie').



But what if I am not normal 
With all the mysteries known for me?.. 
They are hidden in such flows 
Which are known for chosen. 
And I maybe one of those 
For whom the roads are open?.. 

But how to explain to a blind man 
A feeling so known from mother's womb?.. 
The shining of stars as eternity shot, 
The glittering wisdom of fire?.. 
You either can see the scarlet dawn or not - 
It's not a matter of desire. 

But there is one thing that disturbs me -- 
who is more crippled: is it me or is it he? 
He? - as I think that he is so low 
As it looks from my soaring flight. 
Or maybe that`s me? - because I don't know 
his understanding of life... 

Translaion from 1996

Noone needs money

nobody needs them
nobody wants them
nobody ever will
they do not bring joy
they will destroy love
they are the source of evil


time will come one day
next year or today
when people will be saying
we do not need them
we will not help them
make all of us their prey

B7 - E7 - B7 - E7
B7 E7  

New Year Is Coming 

New Year's Coming 
G#m Gdim - E7 
From East to West 
B7 E7 
I`ve heard in Kiev 
Gdim C# 
And now it's in Budapest 

C#m Gdim 
It's coming so quickly - 
D#7 Adim 
Ten countries per hour. - 
E7 D#7 
My friends celebrating 
Gm E7 
But I have to wait now. 

And now it is flying 
over the ocean 
It's coming, it's comi-ing 
I cann't keep my emotions - 
I'm tired of this year 
It brought me this sorrow 
Oh, please hurry up dear, 
Please bring me tomorrow 

Gdim - G#m - Gdim - E7 
I feel Earth is shaking - 
It landed to this la-aaand. 
I`m tired of waiting 
I feel like a madma-aaaaan 
I feel like I'm tore apart - 
My feet being here 
But my mind and my heart 
Are still being there 

Faster (128 MM) 

Philadelphia`s calling 
It`s there this minute 
My goodness, I`m so far - 
Still hard to conceive it. 
But I/now know my life will change - 
I`m approaching this new stage 
And New Year`s here! 
And I can even hear! 
Its steps!! 
It`s come to my door !!! 

(Gradually speeding up)

Na-na na-na, na-na na-na, na-na na-na, na-na na-na!(*) (It was December 31, 1995) 
* (I was sitting and recalling the last year of my life) 
* (This year changed my life in so many ways) 
* (I felt my youth is gone, it vanished in the haze) 
G# F#m G# F#m 
B E B E 
A G A G 
C D C D 

The same - half tone lower: 
G F G F 
A# D# A# D# 
G# F# G# F# 
B C# B C# 

The same - half tone lower, fading. 
(It's coming) 
(I can hear it) 
(It's finally come) 
(So good) 
(Happy New Year, everybody) 

Choruses and Fading Part - Dec 31,1995 and Dec 31,1996 
Coda - Dec 1997 Recorded: Dec. 30, 1997 

New Millennium Is Coming!

look forward guy!
and see
just (five) one year(s) left
to this
amazing event
called millennium!

So, raise
your head in joy
And scream
with cruelty
'cause then,
you man will be
in the next one thousand years!
yes! one thousand years!
Realize only, one thousand years!
And you are on the verge of these years!

you understand
what happens?!
what it is ?!
how many people lived
in the last one thousand years!

So, how
do you feel yourself
in this
lucky number of men
who will observe
the switch of millennia
i.e. four digits at the same time
i.e. one nine nine and nine
become two owe owe and owe

oh oh oh oh...

how a while ago you thought
about this crazy date
and won't believe it would
really happen in your life!

And then
you will recall of those
who could not make it, who
who hoped with you
to see this new millennium
and they're not here to see this new
oh, oh, millennium
oh, oh, in millennium

Left (psychotic) voice: "I'm one of those very few, lucky few to see
this new millennium! Will I survive?! Is there a life after mill...?!"
Right (reflective) voice: "Who lived with you, who loved with you
who also hoped to see as you, this new millennium. Long ago you talk
with your grandpa about it. It was so inconceivable. Was it you?..."

Kiev, Edmonton, 1994-1999

Am G F E
Am Gm F E
Am E


Вспомни как в дестве когда-то
ты даже поверить не мог
И вот через каких-то 2 года
Это произойдет!
Пришествие этого
Этого третьего
Третьего тысячелетия!

Просто даже не верится
Что это случится при нас.
О Боже, что за нелепица
когда же наступит сей час?!
Пришествие этого
Этого третьего
Третьего тысячелетия!
Autoplay: on pianomidiscores

I remember the last day of my life

I remember the last day of my life
It was sunny day with the blue sky
And the birds were singing the melody
which nobody knows better than me.

And the skies were so blue and the wind's high
And a cloud resembled my niece's smile
And the air was full of tranquility
And I felt it like never before

A morning star looked at me in a winter dawn
I could feel how it trembles, new day was born
I could feel how it shined how it sounded
It was sound of my mom's lullaby

May 1996

When skies were so blue

When I was so young and skies were so blue
When the air was fresh and full of something new
I looked around with open eyes
and never wondered what would be with me
what would be, what would be, what would be.

Now it seems that all is gone and gone for good
I know you must have felt the same - it's understood
So many years passing by
I keep forgetting whom I once have been,
I have been, I have been, I have been. (oh no-oh, oh)

A-a-a ah ...

Now somehow I feel so callous, it's so bad
Where that open, genial smile that I had
It looks that I'm a different man
and only tired eyes remind that boy
oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. (oh no-oh!)

April 30, 1996. Edmonton

Shut In

I'm lonely and listless
tossing and turning
comforted only by my duvet

I'm life-worn and loveless
sitting and starring
shut in a day after long painful day

I'm used up and useless
aching and asking
will this emptiness, please, go away?

I'm forlorn and forgotten
waiting wondering
will my life change if I learn to pray?

I know there's a future
but life takes such effort
I don't have much reason to stay

I'm aging and ageless
as time slowly passes -
I turn twenty four today...

You ask me, how old am I, am I? 
I tell you, it depends how do you count - 
If are age is defined 
by the years from birth, 
I`m younger than you no doubt. 
But if by the years, which left to death, 
I am much older than you, I guess. 

Tu me demandes quelle est mon age 
Et je te dis que ?a depend de comment tu comptes - 
Si l'age est measur?e d'apr?s l'ann?e de naissance, 
alors je suis plus jeune que toi, pas de question. 
Mais si d'apr?s les ann?es qui nous restant avant la mort, 
je suis pas mal plus viex que toi. 
C'est que je croix. 

July 1997

My heart

One day you`ll find you life is over
With every little thing and you'll be gone
And then you tell yourself "No it can't be over!"
And then you tell yourself again
"Not it is not done!"


My heart is strong enough
I can do anything
I can go anywhere
And I can dance and sing

And never mind that it's
a little hard this time
I know I can do that
and I will be just fine

I must be just tired
just tired, just tired, I'm.
I must be just tired
just tired, just tired, I'm...

My friends told me I look much older now
Than I did a year ago
But I stepped outside and then I found
that air is as fresh as it was before!

The sky is blue again
Birds singly lo-ve-ly
And everything is the same
Everything but not me!



Auto-play: midi,
Also: Recording, midi


It should be easy to come
It should be easy to go
It should be so, o-o,
somehow though
it's never like that.

And you don't know what's wrong
And you don't know what's up
And nobody can help,
can help you somehow
It should be easy to go...
But no.

And then you try again
You try to ease your mind
You tell yourself:
"Hey, man, you're not an ordinary one"

And then it seems it helps
And it feels alright
But then it comes again
And you don't know why.
It should be easy to go...
But no.

So, now it's time
to say Goodbye
To all the fears
of yesterday
Open your eyes,
release your mind
Be who you are,
not whom you were!
(And feet will lead you to your goal)

You see the life is great
You see it is a game
the game you play,
the game you watch the game you create.

You let yourself enjoy -
it's only up to you.
You take command of your life
and then you know what to do.
It should be easy to go
and it
will so!

Autoplay: midi, 2000
Also: scores

Feeling sky

Feeling fresh
Feeling good
like a bird
that just left the nest
Feeling sky
 deep and blue
 And the earth looks so small
 and the grass is so green
 and the wind is so clean
 that you just want to live you just want to live

Feeling fresh
Feeling young
Feeling like
all your life's ahead
 Thousand miles ahead
 Waiting just for you, just for you
 And you spread out wings
 And you take to the skies
 Mom and daddy are there
 And you're getting so high
 So so high
 Feeling sky...

Instrumental Coda

Every bit and sound of it...