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Lyrics and music by Dmitry Gorodnichy (© 1997)
Recording (Piano: Andre Gorodnichy)

You ask me, how old am I, am I?
I tell you, it depends how do you count - 
   If are age is defined 
      by the years from birth,
        I`m younger than you no doubt.
   But if by the years, which left to death,
        I am much older than you, I guess.

L'Age (merci a Enrique Garcia pour le tradution)

Tu me demandes quelle est mon age
Et je te dis que ?a depend de comment tu comptes - 
    Si l'age est measur?e d'apr?s l'ann?e de naissance, 
      alors je suis plus jeune que toi, pas de question.
    Mais si d'apr?s les ann?es qui nous restant avant la mort, 
      je suis pas mal plus viex que toi.
                                  C'est que je croix.

July 1997, Edmonton

The story : . The lyrics of this song is used as apigraph to my PhD. thesis written in Unin. of Ottawa (page 10). - See the entire thesis here 

The song was written as a response to many those who asked (or wondered about, or I thought they would wonder about) my age, knowing that I'm doing my second PhD (The first PhD was defended in the age of 24 in Kiev - see it here)... 
At that time I felt somehow that my life is limited. See also comments to "My heart"